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Placebuzz has put together an interactive Area Guide that allows you to get to know local areas to visit or move to. Guides include ratings on Community, Safety, Parking Nightlife, Family Friendliness, Pet Friendliness and Transport. A definitive guide of the best local spots from experts and reviews from local residents

Living in East Midlands

Derbyshire3 area reviews

Living in East of England

Norfolk1 area review

Living in London

Central London33 area reviews
East London44 area reviews
Greater London48 area reviews
North London31 area reviews
North West London31 area reviews
South East London41 area reviews
South West London24 area reviews
West London12 area reviews

Living in North East England

Durham1 area review
Tyne and Wear2 area reviews

Living in North West England

Cheshire2 area reviews
Greater Manchester3 area reviews
Lancashire3 area reviews

Living in Scotland

Aberdeenshire1 area review
Edinburgh1 area review
Fife1 area review
Glasgow1 area review
North Ayrshire1 area review
North Lanarkshire1 area review

Living in South East England

Berkshire2 area reviews
Buckinghamshire1 area review
East Sussex2 area reviews
Essex3 area reviews
Hampshire3 area reviews
Kent4 area reviews
Surrey2 area reviews

Living in South West England

Bristol2 area reviews
Cornwall2 area reviews
Devon1 area review
Dorset3 area reviews
Gloucestershire2 area reviews

Living in Wales

Blaenau Gwent1 area review
Caerphilly1 area review
Neath Port Talbot1 area review
Swansea1 area review

Living in West Midlands

Shropshire1 area review
Staffordshire2 area reviews
Warwickshire1 area review
West Midlands3 area reviews

Living in Yorkshire and The Humber

North Yorkshire1 area review
South Yorkshire1 area review
West Yorkshire2 area reviews