Glasgow Area Guides

Glasgow is a very green city, and even has a country park with Highland cows within it. Glasgow has a reputation for friendliness, and there is no shortage of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping, and entertainment in Scotland’s biggest city. Glasgow also has the most vegan restaurants per person of anywhere in the UK. The architecture in the city is beautiful, consisting of many grand Victorian buildings, but many of the beautiful churches have ben decommissioned and actually contain bars and theatres today. With several universities, there is a large and likely student population, making for a strong rental market. The city is well served by bus, the Glasgow Underground does a loop around the city, and the rail connections are excellent. 

Living in Glasgow


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. Formerly an industrial city with a strong shipbuilding heritage, Glasgow has reinvented itself. It was the European City of Culture in 1990, the UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999, and the host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014. 


Glasgow is a friendly and diverse city, with much to offer its residents. Outstanding access to green and open space – both within the city and nearby – combined with world-class culture and entertainment and a wide range of employment options give it varied appeal. 


Getting around Glasgow is a breeze, with an Underground service as well as buses, and rail services connecting the city with the rest of the UK and beyond are also good. 

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