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With some of the most desirable postcodes in the world, West London is a beautiful area that encompasses everything from garden suburbs and urban villages. From the understated luxury of Holland Park to the suburban calm of Chiswick,there’s something for everyone in West London. This is an area that is nationally and ethnically diverse, with over a quarter of residents coming from outside the EU. It is well-connected, especially by tube, and offers a vast array of places to shop and dine - whether you prefer quirky Notting Hill boutiques or the more iconic department stores, and whether you prefer traditional fare or global cuisine. Property in West London, from Italianate terraces to mansion flats, tends to be highly-prized and rarely resold. 

Living in West London


Acton is home to a mixed, multicultural population that includes a significant number of young professionals as well as families. Though it is still working to overcome a now-outdated reputation as a less desirable place to live, it is now an increasingly nice, cosmopolitan area. Within it is a numer of distinct smaller residential, zones each with a slightly different character, to choose from. The area has large, period houses, green space, and a number of shops, pubs, and bars, as well as excellent transport links. Acton has more stations than anywhere else in London, with 4 Tube stations and 3 rail stations. 


Chiswick is a family-friendly neighbourhood in the West London Borough of Hounslow. It is known for its abundance of green space and local businesses. It has easy transport links into Central London, and is favoured by both families and young professionals. Chiswick is a place where people come to stay.


Commonly called a “commuter’s paradise,” Hammersmith is an area of West London that is easy to get into and out of. It can feel like many people are just passing through, but there are several vibrant and historic local hangouts, particularly on the riverside. A recent survey from the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham found that 87% of respondents were either very or fairly satisfied with their local area as a place to live. The central borough figure was 84%, roughly covering the Hammersmith area. 

Holland ParkExceptional4.6

Holland Park is a leafy, affluent neighbourhood tucked amongst other famously lovely West London neighbourhoods, including Notting Hill and Kensington. It has been the home to people like Sir Richard Branson and Simon Cowell, who were undoubtedly drawn to the area's combination of serenity and beauty with a central location, excellent transport links, and excellent schools. In addition to providing destination dining, shopping, and parks that attract visitors and tourists from around the world and the capital, Holland Park offers a village atmosphere and sense of community to residents. 

Little VeniceExceptional4.3

Little Venice is a canal-side enclave near Maida Vale, which is known for its lovely stucco houses and wide, tree-lined streets. Famous residents like Kate Moss and Sir Alec Guiness have been drawn to this lovely and quirky area alonf the Grand Union Canal, which has the amenities to suit the rich and famous. Beautiful garden squares, high-end dining, and cultural venues from the BBC Maida Vale studios to the floating art gallery Cascade draw both residents and visitors to this neighbourhood. 

Maida HillFabulous3.6

Maida Hill is a very well-situated neighbourhood that is especially popular with young, single professionals. With good local pubs, attractive Victorian streets, and prices that are a bargain if you compare them to nearby Little Venice and Notting Hill, the area has a lot of attractions in its own right - however, its proximity to highly desirable areas like their more expensive neighbours, in addition to good transport links, are also selling points. 

Maida ValeExceptional4.0

Maida Vale is an affluent, pretty, mainly residential neighbourhood. Its proximity to the canals and Regent's Park, the availability of period terraces and spacious mansion flats with communal gardens, and its amenities - from good schools to nice restaurants - attracts a wide range of residents. The area is popular with everyone from City professionals and media types to families. Maida Vale is also well-connected by Tube, bus, and even by boat to the rest of London. 

North KensingtonExceptional4.4

North Kensington is a district of the famous neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Cosmopolitan and chic, Notting Hill's current run of fame is partially attributable to the annual Carnival celebration, which is second only to the one that's put on in Rio. Notting Hill is an eclectic and bohemian area, though now an upmarket version of this, with lovely stuccoed and brightly painted homes on private garden squares dominating the area, while North Kensington is an area of contrasts between edgy urban and leafy residential streets.

Ravenscourt ParkFabulous3.7

Ravenscourt Park is a small district with a lot to offer. The area has excellent transport links, with its own District Line station and numerous underground services from nearby Hammersmith, as well as many local buses and good road links. It also has a beloved park of the same name, and is near the Thames. Schools in this area are very good, and there are lovely Victorian houses. The area is also a lovely base to explore other close-by neighbourhoods, like Chiswick. 

Shepherd's BushFabulous3.0

Shepherd's Bush is a lively, buzzing centre of retail and culture set amongst some quieter and more subdued West London gems. Popular with young professionals, this area is full of shops, pubs, and restaurants, and boasts quick transport links into Central London. Though there are family homes available, many of the larger Victorian terraces have been divided into flats, and the area is not especially green - though there are parks, including Ravenscourt Park, nearby. Many who buy here began their search in more expensive, neighbouring areas like Fulham. 

West KensingtonFabulous3.7

West Kensington is both a residential area and a cosmopolitan enclave. With a diverse population, interesting buildings, and excellent transport links, as well as a number of good schools, the area attracts a wide range of people. Families are drawn to the Brook Green area for the family homes and good schools, including French families after the French primary school there.Young couples and professional sharers like the spacious mansion flats and Victorian terraces. 

White CityFabulous3.1

White City's regeneration, long overdue, is underway. It has been a significantly commercial area, apart from the estate, but the neighbourhood's character is about to change. With the redevelopment of the former BBC headquarters as housing, as well as the expansion of Westfield, the area is on the up, and is increasing its appeal as a place to live. 

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