North Finchley Area Guide

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North Finchley, North London


Living in North Finchley

North Finchley is a pleasant North London suburb that strikes an excellent balance of having its own local amenities, but being within a relatively quick and easy journey into Central London for everything else. With a cosmopolitan and diverse feel despite its being solidly suburban, diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment options, and serving as a both a good base for travel into and out of London, this neighbourhood ticks all the boxes for many types of people - but particularly families. 




North Finchley is a solid community area, with a great deal of families and some substantial minority communities, including a large Jewish community and a large community of people born in India.


North Finchley is very safe. Both the crime rate and the violence against the person rate are much lower than the London average. 


This is a relatively easy place to own and park a car, The rate of car ownership in this area is high, with about one car per household - more than the London average. 


This is more of a family area than a nightlife hotspot. In the evenings, mainly restaurants and pubs are open, and these not terribly late. The area is well connected, especially by bus, which would enable residents to go elsewhere for more active nightlife. 

Family Friendly

North Finchley is decidedly a family area. About 1 in 5 residents of this area is under 18, and there is also a fairly high proportion of pensioners, giving this area a relatively small population of working-aged adults. The size and style of property in the area varies, but Edwardian family homes are highly sought after. The schools in this area are generally good, and combined with its safety and leafy character, this neighbourhood ticks all of the boxes for family friendliness. 

Pet Friendly

North Finchley's preponderance of family homes and good access to green, open spaces make this a very good place to own a dog. 


North Finchley does not have its own Tube station, but there are a few within a longer walking or fairly quick bus journey. Finchley Central, West Finchley, and Woodside Park are all on the Northern Line and in Zone 4. The area is well connected by bus, however, and has its own bus station. It is possible to reach Central London in approximately half an hour. The rate of car ownership in this area is high, with about one car per household - more than the London average - and road connections both into and out of London are very good.