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Woodside Park, North London


Living in

Woodside Park is a lovely, green area of North London with a countryside feel that doesn't sacrifice the amenities of Life in ondon, including having a Tube station for easy travel into central London. The area is popular with families, and has long a well-established Jewish community. Woodside Park is idyllic, safe, and offers a range of property types, making in an attractive place for anyone to live. 




This area is beloved by its residents and has a great deal of staying power. The area has a notable Jewish community. 


Woodside Park lies largely in Totteridge electoral ward. While the Met Police records Totteridge and the surrounding wards as having 'average' crime levels, the 2014/2015 crime rate reveals both the overall rate and the violence against the person rate to have been significantly lower than for London overall. Totteridge is below the Barnet categories in all levels of crimes, according to a 2013 ward profile.


A villagey area on the fringe of North London, with a rate of car ownership that is somewhat higher than that of London overall, with about 1 car per household. The area has good road connections, particularly access to the M25 and M1.


Mostly pubs. For places like bars and nightclubs, you would expect to travel. 

Family Friendly

This is an area with larger family homes, abundant green space, and access to activities from horse riding to golf - making it an ideal place to raise a family. The area's schools are typically very good, with Ofsted reports ranging from 'good' to 'outstanding' and choice between state and private education including a Jewish school. About 1 in 5 residents is a child aged 0-14. 

Pet Friendly

A very green area no shortage of parks and walking trails, this is an excellent place to own a dog. Homes tend to be larger and more spacious here, and there are numerous families and pets taking advantage of amenities like the Dollis Valley Greenwalk. There are also numerous places that are ideal for horse riding. 


Woodside Park is in Travelcard Zone 4, and is on the Northern Line. The area is also well-served by local buses, and has good access to the M25 and M1.