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Colindale, North West London


Living in Colindale

Colindale is a leafy Zone 4 area that was designated as a housing growth zone by Boris Johnson, and set to undergo some major improvements. This North West London area, with its abundance of country parks and interwar semi-detached homes with gardens, has been popular with commuting families for a long time - but its easy transport connections are now beginning to draw young professionals priced out of the centre. 




Colindale is a suburban, family area. The area has a number of community organisations, including a social club for older people. 


Colindale is very safe. In 2014/2015, the crime rate and the violence against the person rate were both lower than the London average. The Met police rate the neighbourhood, and the larger surrounding area, as having average crime. 


Parking is relatively easy and inexpensive in this area. About the same number of people in Colindale own a car as in London overall. The area has excellent access to the M1. 


This area is suburban and family-orientated. It has a number of pubs, but is not a nightlife destination. The area has good bus connections for late-night travel to areas with more active nightlife. 

Family Friendly

Colindale is a very family-friendly area. There is a great selection of semi-detached family homes, many of which have gardens, and there is abundant access to green space and playing fields. There is a relatively high proportion of children in this area - slightly above London's average, and the borough average. There is a good choice of schools, including a Catholic High School, and many organisations that cater to families and children.  

Pet Friendly

Colindale has abundant access to green and open space - including the lovely Silk Stream Park - as well as many homes with gardens, making it a very good place to own a dog. 


Colindale is in Zone 4, and conveniently is on the Northern Line at Colindale station and the Jubillee Line at Kingsbury. Hendon railway station is served by Thameslink trains. The area is well-served by local buses, and has excellent access to the M1.