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Golders Green, North West London


Living in Golders Green

Golders Green is a beautiful North West London suburb that became a popular place to live in the 1930s, resulting in numerous semi-detached and detached homes in styles ranging from Art Deco to Arts & Crafts and everything in between. A leafy, safe area with excellent schools, Golders Green is popular with families. It is also home to a large and established Jewish community, and is considered by many to be the Kosher capital of the country. This Zone 3 area has all of the amenities you would want, from cafes and cinemas to open spaces, and also has excellent transport links into and out of Central London. 




This area has staying power, and families aim to stay at least until the children have all left for university. Golders Green has a significant and established Orthodox Jewish community, and its own community safety patrol. There are several residents' associations, family centres, and social clubs in the neighbourhood. 


Golders Green is very safe. Crime in this neighbourhood and the wider surrounding area is 'average', according to the Met police crime map, and both the 2014/2015 crime rate and violence against the person rate were lowThis area benefits from increased police presence in response to Jewish residents' concerns about their safety in the current global climate, in addition to a patrols by a local Jewish community safety charity organisation. 


Parking in this area can be fairly difficult, and there can be traffic issues. The rate of car ownership in this area is slightly higher than for London, at about 1 car per household. The area has good road links, and is near the North Circular. 


Though this may seem like a contradiction of the fact that the area is home to a sizeable Orthodox Jewish population, the area is actually very lively, particularly on Saturday nights - many places stay open very late to accommodate the religious who wish to go out after the end of the sabbath. It remains more of a pub kind of place than a nightclub place. Transport links are good should residents wish to venture to an area with more nightclub-type entertainment. 

Family Friendly

This area has staying power, and families aim to stay at least until the children have all left for university. Schools in this area are generally very excellent, and there is a range of choices, from private Jewish schools to high-performing state schools. Golders Green is a leafy area, and Golders Hill Park and Hampstead Heath are nearby for vast green space, as are Big Wood and Little Wood. There are numerous child and family-oriented groups, shops, and facilities. The largest age group is under 20 years old, confirming that there are a lot of families in this area. 

Pet Friendly

Many houses in this area are exceptionally spacious family homes, and it's a leafy suburb. Golders Hill Park and Hampstead Heath are nearby for vast green space, as are Big Wood and Little Wood. This would be an excellent place to own a dog.


Golders Green is located in Zone 3, but is exceptionally well-connected for a spot this far out of the centre. Golders Green tube station is on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line, as are Brent Cross and Hampstead. There is a bus station here as well, with National Express coaches into and out of London, and a wide range of local buses including buses to the Brent Cross shopping centre and to Oxford Circus. Cricklewood station has rail services. Golders Green is close to the North Circular.