Brent Cross Area Guide

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Brent Cross, North West London


Living in Brent Cross

The River Brent runs through the North West London neighbourhood of Brent Cross, which is named for a crossroads that historically existed here. Today, the area is primarily known for being home to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre and the adjacent major bus station, which is served 24/7 by 13 bus lines. 




The area is thought of by many to be characterised solely by roads, flyovers, and the dominant shopping centre. However, a significant number of families live in this fairly typical suburb. 


The crime rate in this area is average, according to the Met police, with no high crime areas nearby. The crime rate in the West Hendon ward in 2014/2015 was slightly higher than for London overall, though the violence against the person rate was slightly lower. Both rates were lower in the part of Brent Cross that is in Hendon ward. 


The rate of car ownership in this area is about one per household - higher than for London overall. With the North Circular cutting through the neighbourhood, road connections are excellent. It can be somewhat difficult to park, and there can be some traffic concerns, but several major businesses including the shopping centre offer free parking for customers. 


There isn't a huge amount of nightlfe in the area. However, the excellent bus connections to Brent Cross, including through the night, make it easy to go elsewhere for nightlife. 

Family Friendly

There is a significant number of families living in this area, with a slightly higher proportion of children in the neighbourhood than in London overall. There is also a great deal of choice in schools, from Jewish and Muslim independent schools to state schools, which generally perform well. There is a lot of open space in this area, including some parks. 

Pet Friendly

There's a fair amount of green and open space in the area, and many larger family homes are available, making this a good place to own a dog. 


The area is served by the Northern Line at Brent Cross station (Zone 3) and Hendon Central. The Brent Cross bus station, adjacent to the major shopping centre, is served 24/7 by 13 bus lines. With the North Circular bisecting the neighbourhood, road connections are excellent.