Wood Green Area Guide

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Wood Green, North London


Living in Wood Green

Wood Green, an area identified by the London Plan as one of Greater London’s metropolitan centres, is considered by many to be an up-and-coming area. While some have been dissuaded by the safety reputation of the neighbourhood, which has some gang-related crime trouble, others known it mainly as a prime shopping centre with a busy high street, close to attractions like Ally Pally and Alexandra Park.




The large Cypriot community in Wood Green, which is home to the Greek Secondary School of London, is fairly tight-knit. According to Haringey council message boards, there are local shopkeepers on the high street that will get to know you and are appreciative of your custom.


Wood Green does not have a reputation for being the safest neighbourhood in London, and there is some concern about gang-related crime. From Dec 2014-Nov 2015 there were about 2300 violent crimes and 2700 incidences of antisocial behaviour, with most other crimes involving some kind of theft. The crime rate in the Woodside area is average, while the rate in Noel Park is high.


It’s mostly residents’ parking, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a parking space. Pay and Display is also available throughout the day. About half of households have a car.



There are a number of pubs and nightclubs in the area, and it is also well-connected by bus for late-night transport. However, safety concerns about the area at night should be taken into consideration. 

Family Friendly

The primary issue for families to consider is the safety of the area. Generally, the prices here are a bit lower, so it is possible to rent or purchase a family house here for a similar price you might be paying for a flat elsewhere. There are numerous schools in the area, with a range of performance ratings. There is good access to green space and sports fields.

Pet Friendly

Some Haringey council forum commenters have gone as far as recommending having a dog, noting that it makes them feel safer. There is access to green space, notably Alexandra Park. There is an active animal charity in Wood Green offering everything from pet advice to animals for adoption.


Wood Green tube station is on the Piccadilly line (Zone 3). Bowes Park and Alexandra Palace are on the Overground. The area is well-connected by bus, and about half of households have a car.