Stoke Newington Area Guide

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Stoke Newington, North London


Living in Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington, like many areas of outer London, has undergone a lot of rapid change in recent years. Once an area that was considered to be a bit rough, it has now benefitted from regeneration that has seen independent shops, bars, famers markets, and boutiques coming to the area. Fortunately, these gains have not come at the expense of the area's local character, or its diversity - it is still known for a long stretch of Turkish restaurants running along the High Street. 




Despite the influx of new residents who have contributed to the area's gentrification, there is still a core of long-term residents, and people's ties to the area are strong. There are especially prominent Turkish and Kurdish communities in the area, whose influence is felt in the shops and restaurants. The area is known for having a lot of independent shops, and this is the kind of neighbourhood where you might get to know your local shopkeeper. Local Magazine Stereo Stokey has information on upcoming events and restaurant reviews, and an active Twitter account. 


Stoke Newington is a safe place to live. Crime in the area is average, according to the Metropolitan Police website figures. In 2014/2015, the crime rate and the violence against the person rate were both lower than for London overall. 


Parking in the area is about average in terms of difficulty and expense, but it is worth noting that since there is no Tube stateion and there are many buses, there can be traffic congestion issues. The rate of car ownership in the area is lower than for London overall. 


More pubs than nightcubs, but some other interesting venues to be found in the basements of Turhish restaurants, many of which are open late. The area is well-connected by bus, including night bus routes, if you need to travel for your kind of late night fun. 

Family Friendly

Stoke Newington is a safe, vibrant, and fun family area. There is a fairly high proportion of children to working age adults in this area, and schools are generally very good. The wide range of available property includes spacious Victorian and Edwardian family homes. Nearby, the large and lovely Clissold Park offers a lot of green space with trails and play areas, and there is also the West Reservoir, Stoke Newington Common, and Abney Park Cemetary for even more open space. 

Pet Friendly

Clissold Park offers a lot of green space with lovely walking trails and lakes, and an animal and bird sanctuary. Abney Park Cemetary is also a nice, dog-friendly park. 


No Tube station, but Stoke Newington has great bus connections, including night buses, around the local area or into Central London. Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, and Dalston Kingsland rail stations offer overland train connections. Stansted Airport is less than 45 minutes away.