Lower Edmonton Area Guide

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Lower Edmonton, North London


Living in Lower Edmonton

Lower Edmonton is a very high-population density, urban environment with a multiethnic and socially mixed population. The area was established as a working-class commmuter neighbourhood in the 1870s when the Great Eastern Railway's low rates encouraged people to move out of the East End. 




There are several well-established communities in the area, many of whom are united by a common ethnicity, heritage, and language. 


Edmonton is generally the most deprived and least safe area of the borough. According to Met statistics, the most common type of crime in Lower Edmonton is anti-social behavior, followed by violence against the person and various theft. Some of this crime is gang-related. Just under 60% of residents report feeling safe after dark in the local area, which is a smaller percentage than the borough average. 


The rate of car ownership is fairly low here, but there is a lot of inexpensive parking available, and road links - including the North Circular - are good. 


There are numerous pubs, bars, and restaurants in the Edmonton area. Visit nearby Tottenham when you're looking for a nightclub. 

Family Friendly

There are many families in this neighbourhood. The 0-4 age group is the largest of all 21 Enfield wards. Lower Edmonton is home to the Latymer School, which is one of the best state schools in the country and operates a selective admission policy, taking students mostly from outside the immediate area. 

Pet Friendly

With many families and lots of green space around, Lower Edmonton is a good place to have a dog. 


White Hart Lane rail station is in Zone 3 and is on the Overground, and is also served by National Rail. Silver Street and Edmonton Green stations are located in Zone 4 and served by National Rail trains and the Overground. Several bus lines run through the area, including a night bus toward Manor House (N279). Road links, including the North Circular, are fairly good.