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Victoria, Central London


Living in Victoria

Victoria is a small, lovely district of Central London that is often overshadowed by its neighbours, and by the eponymous Victoria rail, Underground, and coach stations. Nestled among several of London's large Royal Parks and near the Thames, however, it would be easy to forget that you're in the urban heart of the city. The transport connections in this area are, of course, unparalleled - but anything you could need is a mere cycle or lovely walk away. Mostly occupied by affluent single professionals, lovely residential pockets in this area have an elegant and cosmopolitan air. 




Residents have mostly lived in the ward for between 3-10 years - longer than average for Westminster - suggesting that the area has staying power, and is home for its residents, rather than a place they're just passing through. Ongoing development is increasingly adding places to eat and shop, which have the potential to turn into neighbourhood hangouts in addition to attracting people who would normally just pass through Victoria en route to somewhere else. 


The crime rate for this area was lower than the Westminster average (though higher than the London rate), despite containing one of London's biggest and largest transport hubs. The violence against the person rate is slighly higher than for London, but much lower than the Westminster rate. An astonishing 99% of residents reported feeling safe in the area, holding at 93% if they were walking alone after dark.


Parking can be difficult and expensive in this area. Fewer people than the London average, though the same as the rate for Westminster, own a car here. The area's excellent transport links make owning a car fairly unneccesary.


Several restaurants, pubs, and bars, and a handful of nightclubs, are located within Victoria itself. For everything else, take advantage of Victoria's location and superb transport links to access nightlife from Pimlico to Soho. 

Family Friendly

A high proportion of residents are living alone. Compared to the borough average, this area has fewer children and more working age adults, suggesting that it is not particularly a family area - nonetheless, there are a number of families living in the area. Victoria has a handful of notable schools to serve them. Green Park and St James's Park are nearby for green space, as are Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which have many opportunities for entertainment and leisure.

Pet Friendly

Most homes in the area have good access to green space, including small local parks, making this a good place to own a dog. Green Park and St James's Park are nearby for more vast open spaces, as are Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which also have equestrian facilities. Most people in this area rent privately, which could mean some difficulty finding a landlord that will allow a pet. 


Victoria is among the best-connected places in London. With Victoria Underground station (Zone 1) offering access to the Circle, District, and Victoria Lines, and the listed railway station offering mainline rail services including the Gatwick Express, it is one of London's busiest terminals. There is also a coach station, which is London's largest, and offers long-distance and countryside tour connections. The area is also well-connected by local bus routes, including night buses. More people than the London average cycle to work.