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Soho, Central London


Living in Soho

Soho is no longer London's seedy underbelly; a place everyone wants to visit but nobody wants to live. It's now a highly sought after neighbourhood, edging closer to being thought of as a place one might put down roots, but without sacrificing its trendy and quirky appeal. It's young and vibrant, with mostly young professional residents, and almost all accommodation in the neighbourhood is flats, not houses. 




The large concentration of arts and media types who live here and are increasingly putting down roots means that there is going to be an increasing sense of community in Soho. 


Soho is, today, as safe as anywhere in central London. Tourists should exercise the normal caution, and there is some antisocial behaviour associated with the late-night activity in this nightlife hotspot, but it is no longer a seedy and scary place as it was several decades ago. 


Perhaps as close to impossible as it gets.


Soho is where the rest of London heads for a night out. It is the nightlife destination. 

Family Friendly

Though its sex shops are now confined to one small alley, Soho is still not a family neighbourhood. As the young couples who live here start families, they tend to move away, though they might keep their flats and let them out rather than sell up. Green space and family homes are nearly nonexistent in this colourful and noisy 24-hour nightlife destination. 

Pet Friendly

With space both inside and outside your flat at a premium, Soho is not an ideal place for a dog. 


Served by several tube stations with access to the Piccadilly, Central, Bakerloo, Northern, and Victoria lines, and within walking distance of most of central London's attractions, Soho is as well-connected as it gets.