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Wandsworth, South West London


Living in Wandsworth

Wandsworth has experienced significant changes in the last couple of decades - from being an industrial area to becoming a trendy riverside suburb. New houses are being built here, as well as new public squares, riverside walks, and a town centre. It is an area that attracts families, because there is a lot of choice of large houses available here, along with green spaces and excellent schools. The area is ver popular with young professionals, however, too. Despite being south of the river and having no Tube station, it is also well-connected, and has good local amenities - and these will only increase as the new town centre development continues.




Wandsworth has staying power, and trading up within the neighbourhood is possible for many people because of the range of available property. It is popular with both families and professional couples. People generally have pride in their local area, and are glad to say they live in Wandsworth even if they live on the border of places like Balham.


Wandsworth is a safe place to live, and is rated by the Met police as having average crime, along with the surrounding area. The 2014/2015 crime rate in Wansdworth was about the same as the overall London rate, while the violence against the person rate was lower. 


Parking is about average for London in this residential area. The rate of car ownership is just slightly below the London rate. Road links, including the South Circular and the High Street/A3, are good but busy - though there are plans to divert the A3 to improve the area's environment.


There's a good deal of choice of restaurants, bars, and pubs in this area, and more are to follow with the development of the town centre. Transport links to nearby areas with even more nightlife on offer - including Clapham or Chelsea - are good.

Family Friendly

Wandsworth is popular with families. Property includes many houses that would be suitable for families, including many larger ones with big gardens. There is a great deal of green space in the area, with Wandsworth Park, Wandsworth Common, and King George's Park and several smaller green spaces as well as the River Wandle and the Thames. There are also several recreation grounds and children's play areas in the neighbourhood. The quality of schools in this area tends to be a draw for families - all state primaries and comprehensives are 'good' or 'outstanding', according to Ofsted, and there are also options for private education. 

Pet Friendly

Wandsworth offers an array of property, much of which would be suitable for pets - particularly the larger detached houses with gardens. There is a great deal of green space in the area, with Wandsworth Park, Wandsworth Common, and King George's Park and several smaller green spaces as well as the River Wandle and the Thames. This would be an excellent place to own a dog.


Wandsworth is primarily in Zone 2 and has no Tube station, but is nevertheless well-connected. Nearby, there is District Line access at East Putney, and the Northern Line at Clapham South. Trains from Wandsworth Town run to Waterloo, and trains to Victoria depart from Wandsworth Common (Zone 3). Commuters can change at Vauxhall for Victoria Line access. The area is well-served by buses, and road links - including the A3 and the South Circular - are good, if busy and often congested.