Kentish Town Area Guide

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Kentish Town, North West London


Living in Kentish Town

Long underrated and neglected, this attractive, well-connected part of London has become increasingly popular in recent years. Kentish Town is situated between two of London's wonderful parks - Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath - and also serves as a perfect middle ground between the lovely but sedate environs of Hampstead and the exciting but sometimes overwhelming liveliness of Camden Town. Kentish Town attracts a real mix of people, from working class Londoners to famous actors, and haas a cosmopolitan array of shops and excellent restaurants in the neighbourhood.




This area has a very strong sense of community spirit, and a core of local residents who are keen to keep the neighbourhood as infependent as possible. There are still a lot of locally owned, traditional shops in the area, as opposed to High Street chains, and these continue to fight for their survival as gentrification and rising rents. The area has a lot of staying power, and houses rarely change hands, particularly in areas like Dartmouth Park. 


Kentish Town used to have a scruffy reputation, but today the Met Police rate it as having average crime, and it is a safe place to live. However, there is a crime hotspot in nearby Camden Town, where the crime rate is high. The 2014/2015 crime rate and violence against the person rate in Kentish Town were both nearly on par with the London rates. 


Parking here can be difficult and costly. The rate of car ownership in this area is about half that of London overall. 


There is a range of restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs within walking distance or a short bus journey. Camden Town, Kentish Town's close neighbour, is a one of London's nightlife hotspots.

Family Friendly

Kentish Town is a nice residential area with an array of housing that includes family homes on offer. Schools in this area are generally good, and there are several private school options nearby in Hampstead and Highgate, as well as plenty of green, open space nearby in the form of Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath. There are fewer children living in this area than the London average, with the bulk of residents being of working age. 

Pet Friendly

Kentish Town is somewhat densely populated, but has good access to big green spaces, as it is between Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath. This would be a fairly good place to own a dog. 


Kentish Town is centrally locaed, in Zone 2. Kentish Town station offers access to the Northern Line, as well as rail services. Gospel Oak and Kentish Town West are both on the Overground, on the Richmond to Stratford line. The area is very well served by local buses, including night buses.