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Leytonstone, East London


Living in

Leytonstone is a part of East London that represents the best of the countryside and London. Surrounded to the North and East by the vast green spaces of the Wanstead Flats and Epping Forest, and with good road links out of London, Leytonstone is nonetheless in Zone 3 and on the Central Line with a short commute into Central London. The area also has good local amenities and schools, and - miraculously - remains relatively affordable, especially compared with nearby areas like Wanstead.




Leytonstone has a very active residents' association, a Facebook group, and a community website. It is a friendly place with a lot of local activities, festivals, and markets. Parts of the area have a villagey feel, but it doesn't feel remote.


Leytonstone is currently rated as having average crime, according to the Met police crime map. The 2014/2015 crime rate and violence against the person rate were just a bit higher than the London rate, and there have unfortunately been high-profile crimes in the area, which have contributed to a perhaps inaccurate sense of the area's safety. 


Parking is a little easier than average in this area. The rate of car ownership is just slightly lower than the London rate. Road links are good, but traffic, especially with the link to the M11, can be bad.


This area has a lot of pubs and some restaurants, but little else in the way of nightlife. Transport links are okay for travelling late at night, but not excellent. 

Family Friendly

Many of the homes in this area are fairly large Victorian houses with gardens, which would make suitable family homes. Primary schools are generally good, though secondary schools are not as well-reputed, and sometimes families relocate for this reason. Generally, though, families or young couples planning to start families move into this area, in search of more space and a garden. There are a lot of facilities, groups, and activities geared toward children and families here. This area does not lack for green space, with Wanstead Park and the Flats and Epping Forest encircling it.

Pet Friendly

This part of London, with its large houses with gardens and access to acres of green space, would be a great place to own a dog. Wanstead Park and the Flats and Epping Forest encircle the area. There are several facilities for horse riding in the area as well.



Leytonstone station is on the boundary of Zones 3 and 4, and is on the Circle Line. Leytonstone High Road is on the Overground, as is Leyton Midland Road. The area is well-served by local buses, and has good road links - including the A12, the North Circular, and the M11 - but can suffer from traffic congestion.