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Derry, or Londonderry, is Northern Ireland’s second city. The city is the only intact walled city in Ireland, with the walls dating back to the early 17th century, and became the UK’s City of Culture in 2013. Derry’s city centre offers good dining options and the usual UK and Irish shops, and also features Austins, which claims to be the world’s oldest independent department store. Schools in Derry are generally good, with many mixed religion schools, and the University of Ulster’s Magee campus is located in the city. Derry has excellent transport links, with the City of Derry Airport connecting residents to the rest of the country and Europe, and regular Northern Ireland Railways trains and several bus companies link Derry to Belfast and the rest of the country. According to Michael Palin, the rail journey from Derry to Coleraine is one of the most beautiful in the world.

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