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The southernmost archipelago of the British Isles, the Channel Islands comprise Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark, and Alderney. The islands are located in the bay of St Malo, close to France and about 70 miles off of the south coast of England, and they are dependents of the British Crown. Each of the islands offers unspoilt beaches and natural beauty that can be enjoyed in a mild climate. The Channel Islands are known for being offshore finance centres as well as having low tax rates, but some may require work permits to work here, and laws restrict those who aren’t considered locals from purchasing houses until they have been residents for 11 years. With small populations and numerous outdoor activities, life on the Channel Islands feels more like a holiday. The islands are connected to France and to each other by ferry, and Jersey has excellent air and sea connections to the UK. 

Living in Channel Isles

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