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Belfast is an international significant city that has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and made a name for itself in more recent years as one of the titans of the linen industry and the city that built the RMS Titanic. Today, Belfast remains the economic centre of Northern Ireland, and recent years have seen intensive regeneration that has led to the building of many new modern high rises that sit alongside National Trust buildings. Belfast’s proximity to nature is a considerable benefit for its residents, with opportunities for hiking, sailing, and horse riding surrounding the city. It is important to note the continued segregation between Protestants and Catholics, which has a considerable impact on school choice. There are bus and train routes connecting Belfast and its suburbs, but the primary method of transport in this city is by car. The cost of living and purchasing a home in Belfast is relatively low, and on average, Belfast residents report feeling safer than Londoners. Belfast was rated the most improved city in the UK in 2014. 

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