Property viewings: What to look for

A simple guide for attending house viewings

With the amount of time that we spend scrolling through endless property listings when searching for a home, it becomes difficult to accept any flaws or faults that a property may have.

Before you get any clouded judgement due the pressure or urgency of finding the perfect property, there are a few important factors which you should bear in mind when attending a viewing.

We have created a checklist of essential questions to ask yourself, as well as significant qualities to look out for when present at a house viewing. 

These simple steps can help you make the right decision when choosing your new property…


Questions to ask yourself:



  1. Are the rooms spacious enough for you and your family?
  2. What is the view and lighting like from each window? 
  3. What storage space, if any, is available?
  4. Are there any mould/damp patches?
  5. Are there any cracks in the walls?
  6. Can you afford to redecorate if you are not happy with the current decor?
  7. Are there any exposed wires or damaged plug sockets?
  8. What is the state of significant features within the home e.g. Boiler, bath/shower, oven, toilet etc. 
  9. Is there good signal for your phone?
  10. Are there sufficient and well-placed plug sockets for your needs?



  1. Is there an outdoor area and if so what is the current state?
  2. Are there fences in the front/back garden and if so what is the current state?
  3. Are there any immediate safety concerns for children? e.g. ditches, loose bricks or ponds
  4. Do you have parking available, if so, what type? e.g. driveway or permits
  5. Are there any outbuildings e.g. shed or garage
  6. Which way is the property facing? (South-facing gardens get more sun)
  7. What is the state of the neighbouring properties?
  8. Are there any signs of disruptive neighbours?
  9. Are there any cracks in the walls?
  10. What is the guttering like?
  11. Are there any loose tiles on the roof?
  12. What condition is the roof in and will it need replacing any time soon?


There are some things which can’t be decided from a list and will need to be clear from your own emotions. You should be sure to figure out whether the property makes you feel excited and whether it gives you good vibes. Is this an environment that you can picture yourself living in? And most importantly is this a property than you would be happy to call home? Only you will know the answer to these questions so take your time and find the one! 


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