5 steps to creating a happy home

Make your home a happy one

Changing home and environment can be stressful on you, your family and your pets, but as well as having to embrace the change, it is important that you keep things as ‘normal’ as possible to help the process.

The definition of a happy home can differ for every family, from eating dinner around the dining table to eating around the TV on the sofa, everyone has their own version of what makes them feel connected to their loved ones in the comfort of their home.

When making your new house as comfortable as can be, think about getting into a routine and keeping your home organised, clean and a fun space which reflects your family’s personality.

Try out some of these 5 steps for ensuring that you can settling into your new home and transform it into the right setting for you…

1. Decorating

At the top of our list is decorating you home, the interior of a home should reflect the owners preferred style as it is a sacred space which matters mainly to you. It is important that your living environment makes you feel happy because it’s where you wake up and go to sleep, essentially giving you the energy to cope with everyday life!

2. Photos

Be sure to have as many photos as possible in your new home, not only for decoration purposes, but mainly so that you get to have your favourite memories and familiar faces around which mean something to you.

3. Adding natural elements

Bring some colour and life into your home by adding some house plants and flowers, they not only make areas look beautiful, they also help reduce toxins in the air, boost your mood and improve productivity… what’s not to love?

4. Make a zen space

Although work and family life will always keep us busy, we need to make sure that there is time left in the day for us to unwind and relax which usually happens at home. Create a nice space in your house for down time, use cosy items such as a soft fur rug, candles and a vinyl player and put your feet up!

5. Let light in

Brightness and colour can affect a person’s mood, so it is vital for a home to let natural light in for us to insert a bit of outdoors inside. Bring colour into your rooms by paining walls or hanging fun art pieces, and if there is a room with no window, be sure to add lamps and mirrors which can create the illusion of a bigger space.

The most important thing is for you to make your house special to you and those living in it, get creative and remember that this is your place of comfort and tranquillity, so whatever you say goes!