The purpose of a home

What does your home mean to you?

Having a home is more than just having a roof over our head, it is a reason to feel stable, secure, and how we are able to think about our future. Home is the base where everything begins…

‘Home is where the heart is’, ‘Home sweet home’ and ‘There’s no place like home’ are some of the many common sayings that we all refer to our homes with. Quotes like these tend to highlight what a home really means to us and how we all need a place of refuge to make us feel comfortable.

Whilst a home may fulfil the same core purpose for us all, every household differs around the globe. With homeowners and renters creating a property to suit their desires, from colour scheme to décor, every house becomes unique and is adapted to make us as both an individual and a family to feel content.

So what really makes a home so significant to our lives? Well, everybody likes to have their own space no matter how big or small, a place which helps us to grow whilst feeling safe and at peace. Houses are an essential part to living, they become our haven where we can laugh, cry, eat good food, consume good drink and be around those that we love throughout our lifetime.

A home gives us a sense of belonging, it helps us with inventing the story of ourselves, our life-narrative and understanding our place in time. We can create our own personality, memories and a blissful environment that develops who we are and the person that we become.

Everybody deserves a happy home and no matter how long it may take, there’s always the perfect place out there for us all!