7 Attractions of Brighton

Looking for some places to visit in the UK?

Brighton is a lively seaside City which prides itself on its well-respected reputation as a diverse and cultural location which supports both the conservation of the environment as well as the LGBTQ community.


People have been coming to enjoy this stunning hotspot for years where they can explore the vibrant streets filled with traditional pubs, boutiques, vintage stores, cafes and a cultural quarter bursting with eccentric offerings. 


If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to discover Brighton and all the wonderful attractions that it has to offer, then we have curated a must-visit list especially for you…



1. The Royal Pavilion

This impressive Architectural Landmark was the extravagant vision of George VI, which is still thriving in the heart of Brighton somewhat 230 years later. As well as admiring the outside of the building, visitors can purchase tickets to go inside and learn more about the incredible history behind it.


2. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Here lies a considerable collection of archives from early Brighton in print, as well as many personal items from King George VI. With a constant influx of new art instillations, along with historical exhibitions, there is always a busy schedule of ongoing events to go and see at this beautiful venue.


3. The Lanes

The Lanes are a big factor of what makes Brighton so great. With a labyrinth of independent shops which are filled with unique products, nothing can beat the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll through the characterful streets wondering what you might come across next.


4. The Brighton Palace Pier & the Seafront

Now we may be stating the obvious, but no trip to Brighton is complete if you haven’t taken a walk on the famous pebble beach and ended up on the Brighton Palace Pier! There are several Restaurants and Bars dotted along the beach strip which means visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to where to eat and drink. 
Looking for some cheap thrills and funny memories you say? Then head to the Brighton Palace Pier to do just that. With the huge arcade, time will quickly slip away, this is when you can step outside whilst the sun sets and look over to the West where you will catch a glimpse of the gracefully fading West Pier


5. The British Airways i360 

If you’re scared of heights, then this might not be the one for you… This is the world’s tallest moving observation tower which truly dominates the sky. From 138 metres up in the sky, visitors are greeted with a panoramic view of the City, the South Downs and on a clear day, the Isle of Wight!


6. Brighton Marina

As one of Europe’s largest Marinas and a village in its own right, Brighton Marina boasts some charming restaurants, a cinema and even a glow-in-the-dark mini golf course. If you’re looking to explore the water, choose from great diving courses or grab a snorkel and hire out a speedy Jet-ski.


7. Brighton Open Market

Having been around for 50 years, Brighton Open Market is the only open-air marketplace within the City. The market has become a popular hotspot for local vendors and shoppers alike, with many unique stalls from businesses across the area. With the Open Market being open an unusual 7 days a week, there are endless opportunities to head there to find something inimitable. 


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