6 Thriving areas in Surrey

Take a look at these 6 flourishing areas within the popular county of Surrey

Surrey is a characterful County within the UK which offers residents and tourist many booming places to explore. Many areas within surrey boast a variety of rich history, idyllic countryside views and an array of activities to choose from, which may be the reason why the population of over 1 million has been growing for so long. 


With endless popular attractions such as Guildford Castle, Waverly Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, Thorpe Park, Epsom Downs and Richmond Park, it’s no wonder why this county is chosen to be home by such a mix of residents. 


If you are searching for a home within Surrey but are not yet sure of where the best areas are, then we have curated a list of the top 6 most thriving locations just for you!


1. Guildford 

Guildford is a great location for both families and young professionals alike, being roughly 45km south-west of Central London, residents can easily commute and enjoy the balance of city and countryside living. 

The lively high-street provides residents with an assortment of amenities and eateries, as well as the stunning nearby attractions of Guildford Castle, Guildford Cathedral and famous Guildhall gold clock.


2. Reigate

A strong sense of community is found within the Reigate area. Most residents are families, first-time buyers and professionals, and with the great transport connections, commuters have access to routine trains which travel to London every 30 minutes. 

Regular Community events and food/drink festivals are held throughout the year, along with numerous independent stores, cafes and outdoor areas, such as Priory Park, that are ready to be explored. 


3. Woking

Being only a 25-minute train ride away from Central London, Woking is the perfect destination for anyone searching for the London lifestyle on a budget. 

Many features of this impressive town tend to attract young professionals into the area, this includes the likes of Woking FC, a number of Golf courses and the town centre which offers plenty of shops, boutiques and entertainment facilities.


4. Cranleigh 

This characterful village offers charm, scenic views and the peaceful River Wey which flows through its centre. With a buzzing high-street packed with independent stores, a weekly market which provides fresh produce and an array of different eateries offering tasty cuisines, the residents of Cranleigh are treated to a variety of attractions throughout the village. 

Many families are attracted to Cranleigh because of the excellent education options, homes and links to surrounding areas. Cranleigh has self-proclaimed itself as the ‘biggest village in England’ and is Located in between Guildford and Horsham.


5. Bramley

The village of Bramley is a gem which is found in the Surrey countryside. Covering around 10 square-miles of picturesque landscape, Bramley is best suited to residents who prefer to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and surrounded by a peaceful setting within England’s natural beauty. 

Residents benefit from the village high-street which offers a great selection of pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, grocery stores and an art gallery.


6. Haslemere

Surrounded by National Trust Land, Haslemere is a stunning town which offers residents a home enclosed by natural beauty. With the town offering a mix of both Victorian and Edwardian homes that are positioned on charming tree-lines streets, as well as an assortment of shops and amenities, there’s no wonder why this charismatic area remains so popular with a range of residents. 

Haslemere offers great links and is easily accessible from most major airports and ferries. The town is also on the main railway line from London Waterloo to Portsmouth, providing residents with the convenience of being in close proximity to the lively city of London whilst nestled next to nature at all times.. 


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