5 things to love about Cornwall

Key aspects which make Cornwall great

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home by the sea? Finding yourself hidden away somewhere remote or within one of the beautiful fishing villages, Cornwall offers endless views of which you will never tire of, but what other attributes are there to love about this county…

1. Food and Drink

Having a combination of local sources of both food and drink, Cornwall thrives due to using their very own delicious produce. Living so close to the sea, you can find a variety of fresh seafoods, indulgent creamy recipes and not forgetting the array of exquisite pastries including the famous Cornish pasty!

Cornwall caters for every pallet, by producing everything from Rose to still red and white as well as sparkling wines, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Having won awards dating back to 1993, Camel Valley has a wide international reputation for being one of the most esteemed vineyards in Cornwall and excelling in both Rose and White sparkling wines.

2. Beaches

With over 250 miles of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK, we couldn’t not mention the beaches of Cornwall. Having over 300 across the county, there is plenty of spots to be discovered, walks to be walked and sights to be seen.

The North and South coastlines each have so much to give, with bright white sand covering the North coastlines and wind producing waves perfect for surfers, and with secluded fishing villages as well as picturesque woodlands and beaches, how could you possibly choose between these two stunning locations… we couldn’t!

3. Community spirit

There has always been so much said about the sense of community that Cornwall holds. With warmth and kindness taking a front seat, the people within the county merely live joyous lives in the surrounding of their idyllic hometown as a bonus.

4. Lifestyle

If you enjoy life at a fast pace and feel complete being part of the busy city life, then Cornwall might not be the place for you. Living so close to the beach it’s only natural that people spend less time rushing and more time embracing the days and surroundings.

5. Local Businesses

A great aspect of Cornwall is the many thriving independent businesses that scatter along the streets. It is important for many of us to support small businesses wherever we are in the world and Cornwall allows us to do just that. With so many self-starting shops to choose from, you are sure to find some unique pieces as well as your usual well-known amenities to explore.

We feel that these 5 traits of Cornwall are what really makes it a hugely desirable place to live. If you are searching for a location to find a new home, here you will provided with the greatest natural beauty and a genuine sense of community spirit, it's easy to fall in love with everything about it!