5 affordable areas in London

Are you searching for a home in London?

Now we all know that London is a charming place and one that offers many opportunities, from incredible food to creative art and fashion, there really are a great deal of experiences to be had…


Because of these endless possibilities that are on offer, general living expenses go up and London seems like an unrealistic option to find a home for the majority of us.


However, have no fear! London is a big place and there are many wonderful alternatives within this City that are affordable to live in whilst still getting the full London experience. So, let’s look at the top 5 most reasonable locations and some descriptions from our very own area guides…


1. East Ham, East London


With excellent transport links, abundant green space, and good local amenities, it's easy to see why families are attracted to East Ham - and that's before considering the relatively reasonable property prices. East Ham's housing stock is mainly Victorian and Edwardian terraces, which can be bought for fractions of what similar homes would cost elsewhere in London. It is very ethnically and religiously diverse, and is home to a large population of children, and residents feel there is a sense of community.

Average asking price £419K

Find properties- https://www.placebuzz.com/property-for-sale/east-london/east-ham


2. South Norwood, South London


South Norwood is an affordable residential area for families and commuters into Croydon or Central London. It is known for its large country park, and South Norwood Lake, where visitors can sail. Though the area has yet to catch on in the way neighbours like Crystal Palace have, it likely will eventually - the combination of affordable homes, good green spaces, good schools, and good rail and Overground connections rarely fails to. 

Average asking price £485K
Find properties- https://www.placebuzz.com/property-for-sale/south-east-london/south-norwood


3. Upper Edmonton, North London


Upper Edmonton is an exceptionally multicultural part of North London, with established communities of Afro-Caribbean, Black African, Albanian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Pakistani, Somali, and Turkish residents. Though it's far enough from Charing Cross to be considered a suburb, Upper Edmonton has a very urban feel despite its access to the River Lea and green space. The Edmonton area is considered by many to be one to watch, as there is a great deal of investment in new housing and regeneration in the area to add to the area's current amenities.

Average asking price £569K
Find properties- https://www.placebuzz.com/property-for-sale/north-london/upper-edmonton


4. Palmers Green, North London


Palmers Green benefits from a strong community spirit, Edwardian homes with gardens, and an easy commute into Central London. It is home to the largest Cypriot community outside Cyprus, and is known for its community market as well as a variety of Turkish shops. Families especially are attracted to this area, seeking more space for their money than they can find in areas like Crouch End and Muswell Hill.

Average asking price £616K
Find properties- https://www.placebuzz.com/property-for-sale/north-london/palmers-green


5. Wanstead, East London

Wanstead was recently voted one of the best places to live in Britain, and it's easy to see why. Located in Zone 4, and on two branches of the Central Line, transport links into Central London and the City are very good - and yet, this neighbourhood as a village-like feel with a strong community vibe. There are the conveniences of chain supermarkets, but also the pleasure of local, independent shops. It is a good place to raise a family, but also enjoyed by young couples. Attractive period property abounds and is a relative bargain. And adding to the village charm is the abundance of green space - Wanstead Flats, Wanstead Park, and Epping Forest make it easy to forget that you've got a London postcode. 

Average asking price £1.21M
Find properties- https://www.placebuzz.com/property-for-sale/east-london/wanstead



Remember that it is okay to search outside of what you know, you just might find your dream home sooner than you thought… happy house hunting!