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Kilburn, North West London


Living in Kilburn

Kilburn has been seen by many as a less posh alternative to Notting Hill for some time now - but this comparison, while reasonable, overlooks some of Kilburn's unique appeal. Kilburn is a very diverse area, and has an edgy, urban vibe - but it is also a desirable family area, with open space, good transport connections, and plenty of shops and bars. Kilburn is up-and-coming, and is benefitting from young professionals and families moving into the area.




The area has a fair bit of rented property, but still has some staying power, increasingly with families who cannot afford to buy who decide to settle in the area and rent. It is a very diverse and multicultural area. 


Kilburn is a fairly safe place to live. The Met Police website ranks the neighbourhood as having average crime, and the 2014/2015 crime stats were comparable to London overall - though with slightly more violence against the person than London as a whole and slightly less overall crime. Some feel the area is a bit rough, and some women say they don't feel safe walking alone at night. Kilburn is still an up-and-coming area, and it is expected to continue to improve.


Parking in this area can be scarce and pricey, and there is often a lot of traffic. About half as many people own a car here than in London overall. 


There is a good selection of pubs in this area, as well as great restaurants. There are a couple of bar and club-type places, and transport is very good - even in the early morning hours - for those times you decide to go further afield for late-night entertainment. 

Family Friendly

The area's Victorian housing stock is comparatively spacious, and there is excellent access to green space in the area, which includes Kilburn Grange Park and Queen's Park. Schools are generally very good. The proportion of children in this area is about on par with the London average, with about 1 in 5 residents being a child between 0-15 years old. 

Pet Friendly

Although Kilburn is a pretty built-up area, it has some spacious houses, some of which have gardens. The neighbourhood has fairly good access to green space, including Kilburn Grange Park and Queen's Park, and is not terribly far from Regent's Park or Wormwood Scrubs. This would be a fairly good place to own a dog. 


Kilburn is in Zone 2 and is exceptionally well connected. Kilburn Station is on the Jubilee Line, and Kilburn Park is on the Bakerloo Line. Brondesbury and Kilburn High Road stations are on the Overground. There are numerous buses in the area, many of which run into the West End, and several which run 24/7.