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Vauxhall, Central London


Living in Vauxhall

Vauxhall was once down-at-heel, and suffered from traffic snarls and being blocked off from the river by the St George's Wharf development. However, in recent years, the area has blossomed into a desirable place to live - particularly for young professionals who could afford the relatively inexpensive south-of-the-river new-build flats - as a result of a hugely successful regeneration effort. 




Vauxhall is home to a lively gay community and club scene - perhaps even more than Soho is these days. The area also contains some overspill from nearby "Little Lisbon" - a vibrant Portuguese community. There are several popular cafes that are genuine neighbourhood hangouts, and residents are proud of their home. 


The crime rate in the Vauxhall area ranges from average to high, with the crime hotspots surrounding the station. The violence against the person rate is also higher than the London average. This is not necessarily atypical for a central area, and doesn't mean that people who live here will be victims of a crime, but should be noted. 


There are relatively few cars per household in this area, compared to the London average. Parking can be somewhat difficult. Private spaces are fairly expensive. 


There are several hip restaurants and bars, in addition to the wide variety of clubs. Vauxhall is home to a lively gay community and club scene - perhaps even more than Soho is these days.


Family Friendly

About three-quarters of residents are working-aged, while the majority of the rest are children, suggesting that there is a significant population of families in Vauxhall. There are some family homes in the area, though much of the new homes are flats. There are also several family-orientated attractions in Vauxhall, including the City Farm. There's a fairly good selection of good schools in the area. 

Pet Friendly

With a preponderance of new-build riverside apartments as opposed to houses, and a few smaller parks, Vauxhall is an average place to own a dog. Notably, Vauxhall has a City Farm, with various farm animals and a riding centre that offers horse riding lessons and therapeutic riding. 


Yes - Vauxhall is south of the river. But only just, and it is still Central London. Vauxhall Station (Zone 1/2) is on the Victoria Line, and offers National Rail services and a bus interchange. Oval and Kennington (Zone 2) are on the Northern Line, and Stockwell (Zone 2) is on the Victoria and Northern Lines.